Do Dolphins Have Umbilical Cords? Do Dolphins Have Belly Buttons?

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do dolphins have umbilical cords

Hello guys! Welcome to another interesting blog. We all have heard about the umbilical cord, right?

A new baby is born with this cord. We have seen this in human babies. So, there is a question you might ask yourself “do dolphins have umbilical cords?”.

So, here I will disclose the secret information with deep knowledge. We also discuss on size, features, and functions of umbilical cords.

Moreover, I will talk about belly button or naval, whether it is available in dolphins.

So let’s start.

Understanding Umbilical Cords

Umbilical cords are a very common anatomical structure of both humans and animals. It is a channel between mother and fetus by which nutrients go to the newborn baby.

This cord develops from the placenta of a mother during the fetal development stage. However, this cord is not permanently attached.

After the birth of baby, it becomes dry and falls automatically. After falling umbilical cord, a button was created which called the belly button.

Do Dolphins Have Umbilical Cords?

Yes, dolphins have umbilical cords. The fact is, like human dolphins also have umbilical cords developed from the mother’s womb and acts as a lifeline between mother and baby.

You will see there is a belly button in baby dolphins which indicates that they have had umbilical cords which has fallen off during delivery.

Interestingly, there is an “auntie” dolphin who looks after the whole delivery process and takes care mother and young.

Dolphins are mammals just like humans and others such as elephants, and apes. So, there will be many similarities between marine mammal dolphins and land mammal humans.

The examples are both becomes pregnant, take care of their unborn baby in the placenta and give birth timely.

This umbilical cord helps unborn baby dolphins to get necessary nutrients, and oxygenated blood, and remove waste materials.

Once the baby comes to earth, they don’t need the cords and eventually, it fall off. Mother can give the baby breast milk through the nipple. [Do Dolphins Have Umbilical Cords?]

Why Do Dolphins Not Have Umbilical Cords?

Dolphins have umbilical cords but they are detached after the delivery of the newborn baby. All of these events occur in water and we see dolphins are born with belly button.

There is a term called viviparous means the animals that give birth of a baby instead of laying eggs but they have umbilical cords.

Surprisingly, there are false umbilical cords in birds and some egg-lying animals such as reptiles, fish.

In this umbilical cord, there is no existence of placenta and unborn baby.

What Happens To A Dolphins Umbilical Cord?

Dolphin’s umbilical cord has been eliminated by the mother during final portion of labor. Mother dolphin spin the cord which eventually snaps from belly.

During delivery tails come first, and later head comes. It is most common but the opposite incident also happens where head comes first.

There is a spot which is hollow and flat in the abdomen called belly button, which is a mark of the umbilical cord. Naval is the common name of belly button whereas it is also called umbilicus.

Dolphins Umbilical Cords Size

A clinical case on “Umbilical Cord Accident & Dolphin Calf Mortality” found that a calf was affected with an umbilical cord accident.

Young’s umbilical cord was twisted with peduncle where body length was measured 83cm but umbilical cord size wasn’t measured.

However, the staffs’ states that the cord size was not too long. In the case of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, the size of the umbilical cord is within 30-40cm.

Dolphins Umbilical Cords Facts

  • Dolphins are born live where mother removes the umbilical cord.
  • There results a naval in the center of dolphin’s belly
  • There is a helping hand when female dolphins give birth. This helping hand is called “auntie”, not necessarily be female.
  • The weight of placenta would be 2.2 grams to 2.8 grams with membrane and umbilical cords
  • Usually, umbilical cord in dolphins comprises 2 arteries and 2 veins.

Dolphins Umbilical Cords Picture

do dolphins have umbilical cords
Courtesy: Researchgate

Do Dolphins Have Belly Buttons?

Yes, dolphins have belly buttons. It appears when a newborn baby loses its umbilical cords. Very often we talk about the streamlined body of dolphins, right?

Do you want to know the secrets? The belly button is the secret. This smooth belly button helps them to have a streamlined body which enables them to swim against pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Other Mammals Have Umbilical Cords?

Yes, all other mammals have umbilical cords till birth. After birth, it has been detached.

Do Wild Animals Have Umbilical Cords?

No, wild animals who are mammals have umbilical cords only. Animals like reptiles, and birds don’t have placenta and they don’t have umbilical cords.

All Cetaceans Have Belly Buttons?

Yes, all cetaceans have belly buttons such as whales, porpoises and dolphins.

Conclusion: Do Dolphins Have Umbilical Cords?

Today, I have elaborated on the title do dolphins have umbilical cords. I hope you understood the article.

In summary, I will say yes dolphins have umbilical cords, in fact, all mammals have it. These cords help fetus to get nutrients and oxygenated blood from mother’s body.

This is the nutshell of the article. If you have any queries, please ask me. I will love to reply to you.

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