Do Dolphins Have Hair? Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 02:10 pm

Do Dolphins Have Hair
Do dolphins have hair?

Hello to all dolphin enthusiasts! I hope you’re doing well.

In this article, I’ll be taking you on a journey to explore the fascinating world of dolphins.

Have you ever wondered, “Do dolphins have hair?”

Well, together, we’ll uncover the truth behind this curious mystery.

Join me, and let’s unravel the secrets of these incredible marine mammals.

Do Dolphins Have Hair?

Yes, dolphins do have hair, but only when they are first born.

Mammals (Cetaceans) do have hair at some stage in their lives. Dolphins are no different in this regard.

Dolphins of most species lose all their hair within two weeks or months after they are born though there is an exception for some species like Amazon river dolphin.

It is believed among the scientists that, with time, the need of the dolphins for the protection by their hair disappeared and that caused them to lose it. 

Dolphin possesses a coat of blubber that protects it against heat losses in cold surface, while their slickly body facilitates swimming activity.

Do Dolphins Have Hair Or Fur?

Dolphins have hair, not fur.

Keratin is the type of protein that makes up hair and fur, though it is important to note that they are not the same thing.

Generally, hair is thinner and straight without an underlay.

However, fur is usually thicker and woollier with an undercoat that acts as an insulation for the animal.

Dolphin hairs are fine and scarce. It is very short lived, and majority of dolphins’ hairs fall off in one to three months after birth.

Although several of the dolphins including the Amazon River dolphin (boto) do retain one or two whiskers about its snout through life, these are by no means the hair or fur.

Dolphins, however, don’t need fur as they possess a layer of blubber that helps to keep their bodies warm within cold water.

Smoothness in their skin also helps them to swim easier.

Therefore, those who believe that dolphins lack hair should note that they are actually mammals that are supposed to possess fur.

Their hair is very short-lived and thus not visible.

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Do Dolphins Have Hair On Their Body?

Dolphins also have hair on the body although this is just temporary. When they are born, newborn dolphins only have a few strands of hair present on their rostrum (beak).

This is shed during the baby’s early life. The dolphins’ hairs are perceived as a holdover from their previous existence in land.

They continue having the appearance of their hair, but without growing it, and never again during their lives.

Since they have no hair on their body dolphins are able to move easily through water as they do not face drag those results from trailing of hairs.

This gives them more advantage when it comes to swimming fast to catch up with fish.

Do Dolphins Have Hair Follicles?

Indeed, dolphins also have these hair folliclesFollicles are pores through which hairs grow on the skin. 

On the other hand, each dolphin’s hair sheds within short days or so but it does have hair follicles on all areas of its body.

Nevertheless, there are certain hairs present but as tiny bumps visible through the skin surface of a dolphin. 

The active follicles are unable to produce hair anymore.

Do Dolphins Have Hair In Their Mouth?

No, dolphins do not have hair in their mouth.

The sources suggest that dolphins grow whisker-like appendages on their mouth just before birth and immediately after birth, which disappear afterwards.

Newborn dolphins start by using the whiskers in order to find their mother for a period of about three days when nursing.

Thus, there are no proofs showing the presence of hair in the mouth among the dolphins.

Do Dolphins Have Hair Under Their Nose?

For instance, dolphins have only a few hairs on the nose known as vibrissa or whisker.

The tiny hairs cover the area surrounding their blow hole—their breathing organ located on the top of their head.

These hairs though very short and sparse usually shed off soon after birth.

After attaining full maturity, dolphins do not show any signs of hair in and around their noses or other parts of their body.

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Do Dolphins Have Hair Just Like Humans?

Dolphins do not have hair like humans do. While humans have a full covering of hair on their bodies, dolphins do not have visible hair as adults.

As mentioned earlier, dolphins are born with a few small hairs around their snouts, but these hairs fall out shortly after birth and are not replaced.

Dolphins have smooth, streamlined bodies adapted for life in the water, and their lack of hair helps reduce friction as they swim.

Unlike humans, dolphins are nearly hairless, with only vestigial hair follicles remaining beneath their skin.

Do Orcas Have Hair?

Although the orcas have hair, it is just invisible without a special eye.

There are claims by the sources that since the orcas are a kind of dolphins, they have short hairs covering the face at birth as well as within their mother’s wombs.

Newborn dolphins use these whiskers to seek out and locate their mothers and nurse for the initial days.

Why Don’t Dolphins Have Hair?

Dolphins do not need hair in order to survive anymore.

They are covered with thick blubber on which is the insulating layer of hair and the sleek body facilitates the swimming process.

Scientists think that with time as dolphins got used to living in water, they might have found it difficult to maintain their body heat in cold and therefore eventually must have lost their hair.

Dolphins have ridged surface in their body which reduces drag in water as hair can be considered as adding drag that slows swimming animals down.

Furthermore, trapped air bubbles in hair can lead to problems when dolphins try to dive into depths of water.

Are Dolphins Hairless?

Dolphins are near-hairless mammals whose bodies bear no observable hairs. 

However, some amount of hair on the rostrum of baby dolphins is shed just few days after they are born.

They have the lanugo; when they are born, these hairs cover their bodies.

However, within a period of two weeks such a hair falls away and they do not grow any other hairs on their heads.

Nevertheless, certain species of Dolphins are born with hair though it is not important to have hair for the Dolphins to be warm.

The scientists think these hairs have another role in the dolphins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Dolphins Have Hair Glands?

Yes, dolphin does not possess any hair glands. They are “hairy” mammals that have very little skin and have thick blubber.

Do Dolphins Have Hair Under Their Eyes?

Dolphins do not grow hair beneath their eyes. Hairless mammals with a thick sheath of blubber.

Do Dolphins Have Hair On Them?

However, it is true only for newborns. A majority of the dolphins shed all the hairs in a matter of weeks or months after birth.


Finally, in the last sentence of ‘do dolphins have hair’ I would like to point out the fact that these marine mammals have several hairs on the edges of their mouths, but unlike other animals, they have no fur covering them.

The stiff hairs are special, help them survive in this water. It enables them to move around, hunt, and communicate with the external world.

Understanding these adaptive features such as little hair brings more excitement that one could have with this amazing animal.

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