15 Disturbing Facts About Dolphins: The Hidden Side of Dolphins

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Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 03:01 pm

Disturbing Facts About Dolphins
Disturbing Facts About Dolphins

Did you know disturbing facts about dolphins? Dolphins have always captivated you and me with their antics and seemingly amiable nature.

These aquatic creatures are frequently praised for their acrobatics and the way they appear to form connections with humans.

Nonetheless, there are truths about dolphins that remain unknown to many individuals. In this blog post, I will discuss disturbing facts about dolphins, shedding light on aspects you may find surprising.

15 Disturbing Facts About Dolphins

1) Dolphins have been known to engage in infanticide. 

Unfortunately, dolphins have committed a serious disturbing thing by infanticide act. It is typically carried out by males seeking to assert authority and mothers attempting to evade predators. Infanticide has also been noted to occur among non threatened female dolphins and it is treated as most important disturbing facts about dolphins.

2) Dolphins have been known to rape other dolphins, including their own young. 

The aggressiveness has been reported among dolphins during sexual moments with partners or sometimes even with their own children. Mostly, this is a behavior that manifests itself among sexually aroused males.

3) Dolphins have been known to kill other dolphins for no apparent reason. 

It is interesting that dolphins have been observed to commit violence on their peers for no apparent reason. The males are usually fighting for superiority, whereas the females are protecting their calves.

4) Dolphins have been known to attack humans. 

There has been documented incidence of dolphin involvement in hostility against humans. Such occurrences are often related to aroused males or dolphins protecting their territories.

5) Dolphins are highly susceptible to disease. 

Diseases is the most common disturbing facts about dolphins. It can also be transmitted to dolphins through contact with either other dolphins or humans. However, some are potentially fatal.

6) Dolphins are often killed accidentally in fishing nets. 

Dolphin is sometimes caught in fishing nets thus leading to their death. Their population is severely threatened by accidental entanglement of dolphin in fishing nets that occurs frequently.

7) Dolphins are also threatened by habitat loss. 

Habitat destruction is also becoming a major factor jeopardizing the lives of dolphins.

The threat of habitat loss is also present for dolphins. These marine mammals’ environment are very fragile and they can be destroyed by coastal development and pollution.

8) Altered Behavior

The dolphins that spend their time in captivity often have abnormal behaviors such as repeatedly doing things and being aggressive.

9) Noise Pollution

Dolphin’s ability for communication and echolocation will be affected by increased aquatic shipping and the undersea installations.

10) Shark Attacks

Dolphins are recognized for their occasional confrontations with sharks, which can lead to injuries or fatalities.

11) Controversial Dolphin Captivity

It is for several years that keeping dolphins in captivity in marine parks and dolphinariums has been discussed. The most commonly known example is that these intelligent creatures are usually subjected to stressful circumstances which lead to poor health and shortened lives.

12) High Mortality Rates

Despite this many dolphins die young after getting capture with the rates being higher compared to wild ones. These alarming statistics are attributed to stress, confinement, and poor care.

13) Plight of Marine Pollution

Marine pollution leads to deaths of various species of animals. One good example is the deaths of dolphins as a result of ingesting too much of the plastic waste thrown into the sea. Consumed plastic causes serious illnesses such as malnourishment and death.

14) Human-Dolphin Conflicts

Some fishers view dolphins as pests since they raid nets and steal catch thereby causing conflict between dolphins and humans in some locations.

15) Genetic Diversity

Preserving a healthy gene pool across dolphins necessitates protecting their genetic diversity, thus ensuring their longevity.

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Do Dolphins Have a Dark Side?

Do Dolphins Have a Dark Side?

Certainly, there is a dark side in dolphins. Just like any other animal, dolphins are highly sophisticated creatures that have a plethora of behaviors.

Although sometimes associated with smartness, mischievousness, and sociability, dolphins could be fierce, too.

Some of the dark sides that dolphins have been observed to engage in include:

Infanticide: Shockingly, dolphins are notorious for murdering others’ offspring – including their own. This is in a way an attempt for male establishment of dominance, and/or female avoiding attacks by predators. Nevertheless, some instances of infanticide have been noted among non-threatened female dolphins.

Rape: Dolphins are also notorious for raping other dolphins and even other juveniles of their same species. Such actions are usually carried out by excited males.

Murder: It has been documented that there are dolphins, which for some reasons kill without any good reasons. The former cases often involve contention from males seeking dominance while the latter may be in defense of females guarding infants.

Attacks on humans: There have also been cases where dolphins have attacked humans. Males in such conditions, as well as dolphins who are preserving their territories, do this.

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What Is a Shocking Fact About Dolphins?

One of the most shocking facts about dolphins is their involvement in sexual aggression and coercion.

This behavior challenges the perception of dolphins as friendly and highlights the importance of understanding the complexities of their social structures and behaviors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Dolphins Dangerous To Humans?

While dolphins generally do not pose a threat to humans, there have been rare cases of dolphins displaying aggressive behavior towards people, particularly when provoked or stressed.

What Is The Most Disturbing Facts About Dolphins In Florida?

The most disturbing fact about dolphins in Florida is their vulnerability to pollution, boat strikes, and entanglement in fishing gear, threatening their population and well-being.

Are Dolphins Endangered Species?

Some dolphin species are endangered or threatened due to habitat loss, pollution, and bycatch. Conservation efforts are in place to protect these species.


We both love dolphins for the hundreds of behaviors and special things about them.

Their high intelligence and ability to connect with their peers are things that are almost always appreciated in them but you must also note the things worth concerns about disturbing facts about dolphins and why they get those challenges because of humans.

It makes us better know about dolphins’ behavior thus we can appreciate and try every possible way to preserve their natural homes.

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