Do Dolphins Attack Baby Dolphins? Infanticide Among Dolphins

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Last updated on November 2nd, 2023 at 03:41 pm

Do Dolphins Attack Baby Dolphins
Do Dolphins Attack Baby Dolphins?

Do Dolphins Attack Baby Dolphins: Hello all readers! Welcome to another blog. Dolphins are intelligent and they give us joy through their play.

We know the good sides of dolphins. Ever you think that this animal can be bad, can be a murderer?

There is a question for all dolphin enthusiasts do dolphins attack baby dolphins?

Though it is a very unnatural question because we know every parent loves their baby, why they will kill their loved one?

So, this is my today’s topic. I will discuss this issue with a proper explanation. Stay with me.

Do Dolphins Attack Baby Dolphins?

It is true that dolphins may attack babies. It is called infanticide. Although it is an uncommon activity bottlenose dolphins, Pacific white-sided dolphins, and orcas have all been seen to do it.

A few hypothesized explanations exist regarding why dolphins may murder young dolphins. One theory is that male dolphins use it as a means of improving the success of their reproduction.

For mating within a very short time, male dolphins kill baby dolphins and end months nursing cycle.

Another theory holds that dolphins killing baby dolphins is a means of retaining social dominance and order.

For instance, in order to stop the lower-ranking male from passing on his genes, a higher-ranking male dolphin may kill the calf that a female dolphin is carrying.

Dolphins may also exclude sick or wounded calves from their population by infanticide. This can help to improve the group’s general health and fitness. [Do Dolphins Attack Baby Dolphins?]

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How Often Do Dolphins Attack Baby Dolphins?

It’s crucial to remember that these incidents of dolphins attacking their own young are not common. Based on observations, it appears that a variety of factors are involved in these uncommon events.

Territorial disputes, social dynamics, competition over available resources and other factors have been indicated as potential catalysts for these types of situations.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that these incidents do not characterize dolphins’ overall interactions with their young.

Do Dolphins Kill Their Babies For Fun?

Dolphins don’t kill their young for fun. This idea could be the result of misunderstandings or unusual feelings. This is an infrequent act due to sudden aggression.

Dolphins are very sociable animals that form close ties with their young. So, killing their baby is against their natural trait whereas they usually look after and protect their young.

Do Dolphins Kill Their Babies For Fun?

Do Dolphins Love Their Babies?

Although the concept of love may be arbitrary when it comes to animals, dolphins certainly show love and concern for their young. Dolphins and their young have emotional bonds, just like people do.

A mother dolphin and her young have an especially close relationship. The mother gives the calf direction, safety, and care until it is fully grown.

These parental actions give support to the theory that dolphins genuinely love their young.

Do Dolphins Protect Their Babies?

Indeed, dolphins have become known for carefully protecting babies. Dolphins’ mother, in particular, is essential to ensuring the safety of their offspring.

They will protect their young from harm and hazards, including predators and possible enmity from other dolphins. The protective behavior is absolutely necessary for the species’ survival.

Do Male Dolphins Attack Female Dolphins?

Although it happens infrequently, male dolphins can attack female dolphins. This behavior can be termed as sexual abuse. It’s a type of harassment where male dolphins use their power to have sex.

Many dolphin species, including bottlenose dolphins, Pacific white-sided dolphins, and orcas, have been shown to engage in such types of sexual assault.

It is particularly likely to happen in groups where there is a big gap between the number of males and females. This fluctuation may occur due to an extensive death or during a dolphin migration to a new location.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Dolphins Dangerous To Their Own Young?

While some instances of aggressiveness have been documented, dolphins rarely show dangerous behavior toward their own offspring.

Why Do Dolphins Sometimes Attack Baby Dolphins?

Aggression directed against baby dolphins might result from territory disputes, resource competition, or social factors.

Do Dolphins Kill Their Babies For Fun?

No, dolphins don’t murder their young for enjoyment. It is the opposite of their natural behavior as they are careful of their youngsters. 

How Do Dolphins Show Affection Towards Their Young?

Yes, they do. Dolphins show affection by caring for, directing, and shielding their young until they are old enough to be left on their own.

Do Male Dolphins Harm Female Dolphins With Babies?

During mating season, male dolphins may compete with one another, but it is rare for them to attack female dolphins and their offspring.


Today I have given you the answer do dolphins attack baby dolphins. I guess you got the answer properly.

If I do summarize I would say, that sometimes dolphins become aggressive for some particular reason.

That’s why they attack baby dolphins. The main reason is mating with female dolphins.

However, one thing you should note is that they never attack their own baby. Isn’t it interesting? Stay tuned to get regular interesting posts.

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