Are Female Dolphins Evil? Unveiling the Truth

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Last updated on October 7th, 2023 at 11:55 am

are female dolphins evil

The world under the waves is full of wonder and mystery, where marine animals captivate our imagination. Among those, dolphins are the most attractive one for their intelligence, social behavior and captivating nature.

However, there is a controversial part of female dolphins about their evil nature. Are female dolphins evil? This a question that has been asked by many people. Here in this article, we will focus reality behind this notion and discover the truth about female dolphins.

Are Female Dolphins Evil?

The straightforward answer is No. This is a misconception that have been arisen from social media outlet and internet forums. Researchers and marine biologists conducted many studies to find dolphin’s behaviors, but found no acceptable evidence that indicates female dolphins are evil.

Female dolphins are as like other animals with their common complex behaviors and varied nature. Some female dolphins may show aggressiveness and becomes territorial but this not common for all dolphins. Like humans, each dolphin has their own uniqueness.

The reason behind the myth are dolphins evil comes from two sources. One is circulation in media about a few incidents where female dolphins attacked on humans.

Another is many TV shows and movies represented female dolphins as mindless killer. However, the attack on human is an exception, not their principal. In most cases, dolphins neither aggressive on humans nor they eat humans.

On the other hand, female dolphins are well-known for their strong maternal characteristics. They do care and protect their calves for survival in challenging marine environment. How a compassionate mother becomes evil, so this is unnatural. However, sometimes they may be aggressive to protect their young and these are isolated incidents.

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Are Female Dolphins Evil to Humans?

No, female dolphins are not evil towards humans. Our thinking on whether dolphin are evil is a misconception.

Rather they are playful and highly curious animal by nature. They try to interact with human closely wherever in wild or in captivity.

They are helpful to human when we face any problem in marine. There are instances that they helped stranded swimmer and guided lost boat when it was really needed.

In captivity, dolphins become engaged in various educational and therapeutic activity, displays their performance close to humans.

In this way they show their ability of making relation with human. This indicates their positive willingness to interact with humans.

Are Dolphins Evil to Humans?

Dolphins are not evil to humans. There is no scientific explanation which indicated they are evil to human.

The fact is they are not dangerous or aggressive to human inherently. Furthermore, they are often quite curious and playful. They help people when really it is needed.

They rescued people from drowning, give companion when people are lonely. As their social nature, they are highly capable to build strong relationship with each other and with humans.

Nevertheless, there are some reasons when dolphins might attack humans:

  • They feel threatened or scared.
  • They are protecting their territory or their young.
  • They are curious and playful, but they do not understand that their behavior is detrimental.
  • They are sick or injured.

If you meet with dolphins unexpectedly, then you should respect him and be gentle. Try to keep distance from him. Here are some safety guidelines interacting with dolphins:

  • Do not swim alone.
  • Do not come closer to a dolphin that is feeding or with its young.
  • Do not attempt to touch or sit on a dolphin.
  • Do not create loud noises or sudden movements.
  • If a dolphin come near to you, stay calm and do not make any sudden movements.

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Are Dolphins More Evil Than Sharks?

are female dolphins evil

The answer of this question is matter of opinion. There is no scientific evidence that claims dolphins are more evil than sharks. Both are marine animals with their own unique behaviors and responsibility to their ecosystems. Moreover, there are some instances that sharks are responsible for more death of human compared to dolphins.

Dolphins are intelligent, social but they can also be aggressive. There are some examples of dolphins attacked human, but these are rare.

However, both species show aggressive behaviors to human. But it is to keep in mind that, this is not representing the characteristics of entire population.

There is safety first to approach both dolphins and sharks with caution and respect their natural behaviors and habitats.

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Are Dolphins Psychopaths?

No, dolphins are not psychopaths. Psychopathy is a common psychological term that describe of human personality and behavior disorder such as lack of understanding other, manipulativeness and impulsivity.

These characteristics are not directly relatable to non-human animals like dolphins.

There are some reports of dolphins that suggest they are aggressive on behavior. But these are not enough evidence to convict them cruel, manipulative like humans with psychopathy.

Disturbing Facts About Dolphins   

Here are some disturbing facts about dolphins:

Violent Predators: Dolphins are considered as violent predators. They eat large amount of food such as shrimps, squid, fish etc. Moreover, they come heavily on porpoises with group though it is less aggressive than dolphin.

Gang Rape: In case of most dolphins, it is observed that, they call alone a female dolphin. Afterwards, they forcibly intimate with her, even it continues for a week.

Infanticide: In some species of dolphins, it is found that, they are infanticide in their nature. This means they kill their own babies. This act is thought to be a plan for mating with calf’s mother sooner.

Attacks on Other Species: There is incidence of attacking porpoises’ baby and kill them.

Sexual Aggression: Dolphins display sexual aggression to human many times. They go closer to human for sexual interest.

Commit Suicide: Dolphins have been recognized to commit suicide, while this is rare.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Female Dolphins Behave Aggressively?

Although it can happen, aggression in dolphins is not just seen in females. Individuals differ greatly in their behavioral characteristics, and hostility is situational.

Are There Documented Cases of Evil Behavior in Female Dolphins?

The idea that dolphins, both male and female, exhibit evil behavior is not supported by scientific evidence. Behaviors are frequently instinctive reactions to certain circumstances.

How Do Scientists Study Dolphin Behavior?

In order to understand dolphin behavior and dispel preconceptions about it, scientists use observation, study in natural habitats, and controlled experiments.


The question “are female dolphins evil” is just misunderstanding where there is no scientific evidence. Their behavior of dolphins consisted in social dynamics, maternal instincts and urge to survival. Instead of calling them evil we should appreciate their remarkable contribution to be a part of marine ecosystem.

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