Is It True That Dolphins Never Sleep? 10 Fascinating Facts

Mar 25, 2024, Produced By: Mr. Das

1. No, dolphins do sleep, but they employ unihemispheric sleep, where one brain hemisphere rests while the other stays awake.

2.  Unihemispheric sleep enables dolphins to remain conscious for essential functions such as breathing and vigilance.

3. When one hemisphere sleeps, the opposite eye closes, and the corresponding side of the body rests.

4. Dolphins alternate which hemisphere sleeps, ensuring both sides of the brain get adequate rest.

5. They exhibit unihemispheric sleep both while resting at the surface and swimming slowly.

6. This adaptation allows dolphins to maintain vital functions while resting in the water.

7. Sleeping dolphins may appear motionless at the surface or swim steadily close to it.

8. In shallow waters, dolphins may rest on the seabed and rise periodically to breathe.

9. Unihemispheric sleep enables dolphins to maintain a level of awareness even during rest.

10. This unique sleep behavior is crucial for dolphins to survive in their aquatic environment.

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