10 Differences Between Dolphin Teeth and Human Teeth!

Mar 25, 2024, Produced By: Mr. Das

1. Dolphin teeth are conical and lack enamel, while human teeth are diverse in shape and covered with enamel.

2. Dolphin teeth continuously grow, whereas human teeth have a fixed number and limited growth.

3. Dolphin teeth are for gripping prey underwater, while human teeth are for chewing various foods.

4. Dolphin teeth have strong biting force for catching prey, while human biting force varies.

5. Dolphin teeth aid in making clicking sounds for social interaction, while human teeth contribute to speech articulation.

6. Dolphin teeth regenerate continuously, while human teeth have limited regeneration.

7. Dolphin teeth have a uniform conical shape, human teeth have diverse shapes.

8. Dolphin teeth are threatened by pollution, human dental care practices maintain oral health.

9. Dolphin teeth aid in hunting, human teeth are versatile for different foods.

10. Different approaches are needed for maintaining dental health in dolphins and humans in captivity.

Dolphin Teeth Vs. Human Teeth: A Comparative Analysis