Are Dolphins Assholes? Unraveling 6 Disturbing Reasons

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For a very long time now, dolphins have been regarded to be smart, fun-loving and friendly creatures in the oceans.

The smiling faces of these cuddly and humorous creatures often make us think that they indeed are kindly animals.

However, there’s a darker side to these marine mammals that has sparked an intriguing debate: Are dolphins assholes?

This article looks into this issue and evaluates dolphins’ behavior for possible evidence that supports claims about dolphins being abused by humans.

Are Dolphins Assholes?

Whether or not dolphins can be considered “assholes” is a matter of perspective. While some people might label certain dolphin behaviors as negative or aggressive, it’s important to remember that dolphins are wild animals with their own instincts and social dynamics.

They don’t possess a moral code or consciousness in the same way humans do. Their actions are driven by their natural instincts and survival mechanisms.

The disturbing facts of dolphins such as aggressive mating habits, predatory nature, and infanticide, are not indicative of malice or cruelty in the human sense. These behaviors have evolved over millions of years as strategies for their survival and reproduction in the wild.

In human terms, labeling dolphins as “assholes” is a subjective judgment that may not fully capture the complexities of their behavior and biology. While some of their actions can be disturbing, it’s essential to view them within the context of the natural world and the roles they play in marine ecosystems.

So, are dolphins assholes? It depends on how you interpret their behavior and what standards you apply to animals in the wild.

They are fascinating creatures with a wide range of behaviors, some of which can be perceived as negative, but it’s more accurate to say they are wild animals driven by their instincts rather than ascribing human qualities like “asshole” to them.

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Are dolphins assholes?

Why Are Dolphins Assholes? Unraveling 6 Disturbing Reasons

1. Violent Mating Habits

However, among the most worrying things about a dolphin’s life cycle is its aggressive reproductive behaviour.

 Males have been witnessed subjecting one lonely individual to group sex over and over again until they are tired.

 Such behavior calls into question what is ethical or not among animals.

2. Sexual Interactions with Humans

The high sex drive exhibited by dolphins has contributed to their unsuitable interactions with humans which constitute a threat to beaches and coastal areas visitors.

While these encounters are very rare, they tend to leave some people feeling violated/uncomfortable in water.

3. Infanticide and Aggressive Interactions

Dolphin murders of infant animals are recorded in the literature and they are not the sweet and innocent animals some people claim them to be.

Another thing to note is that other male chimpanzees have been seen killing away baby chimps, probably to make way for quicker mating with females.

4. Predatory Nature

Although people see them as kind creatures they feed on other animals viciously.

 They move along in groups when chasing fish and squids such that none manages to get out of their clutches.

This even includes playing with smaller species of animals like catching and playing with baby sharks which proves the predatory side of them.

5. Constant Wakefulness

This is unlike human beings, who have to get enough sleep. They can remain awake continuously for several days and do not lose a single thought.

They will always be on guard, therefore they might become unpredictable, particularly if there are other people nearby that need sleep in order to stay healthy.

6. Carriers of Diseases

Interestingly, dolphins have turned out to be reservoirs of many sexually transmitted diseases, whose possible carriers are other marine species and occasionally mankind.

It increases worries over diseases that can emanate from dolphin-to-human contacts.

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Are Dolphins Rapists?

One of the most disturbing aspects of dolphin behavior is their sexual aggression. There have been reports of dolphins displaying sexual behaviors towards humans and other animals.

While this is not a universal trait among dolphins, it has been observed in some populations, leading to the label of ‘dolphin rapists.’

Are Dolphins Friendly Or Evil?

Dolphins are known to be highly social animals and often exhibit friendly behaviors towards humans and other species.

However, their friendliness can turn aggressive, especially in situations where they feel threatened or provoked.

It’s essential to understand that their behavior, while sometimes aggressive, is a part of their natural instincts for survival.

Are Dolphins Sadistic?

Though it may not fit in directly, sadism or pleasure experienced because of the infliction of harm upon others is part of human culture.

Nevertheless, such behavior as bullying other fish may be understood as sadism in human terms.

Are Dolphins Brutal?

The dolphin is a skillful hunter which has been seen hunting its preys using cohesive groups.

 Although their methods of hunting could be described as savagery, it is essential to their eating habits.

Can Dolphins Get Mad?

As with most other animals, dolphins do not have emotions as we understand it.

 However, they tend to react aggressively only due to certain things like feeling that someone threatens them or trying to defend their possessions/territory.

 However, this question between scientists has never been settled on whether all these are just similar to human anger or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Dolphins Attack Humans?

While rare, there have been instances where dolphins have exhibited aggressive behavior towards humans, especially when they feel threatened.

Are All Dolphins Aggressive?

No, not all dolphins are aggressive. Their behavior varies among different species and populations. Some are more friendly and playful, while others can be territorial and aggressive.

Can Dolphins Be Trained?

Yes, dolphins can be trained, and they are often used in marine parks and aquariums for shows and educational purposes.


After discussion of Are dolphins assholes, we can say there is no clear answer to the query as to whether or not dolphins are real assholes.

 Like that of any other species, their behavior is an outcome of environmental factors, instinct, and social relations.

 Although some people may exhibit such behavior which may be categorized as aggressive or disturbing it should be seen in terms of their instincts of survival.

 Dolphins, being fascinating and intelligent creatures remind us that the animal king is a complex ecosystem hence the need to understand and have respect for life.

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