Alan Cooper Dolphin: Wild Dolphin Sex Scandal That Shaked UK

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Alan Cooper dolphin

Alan Cooper Dolphin: In North-East England during the late ’80s, animal rights activist Alan Cooper dedicated himself to freeing captive dolphins and advocating veganism.

Soon he became well known for his passionate campaign involving leaflet distribution and organizing marches against leisure attractions like Flamingo Land.

Alan Cooper Dolphin

Alan Cooper spent an extraordinary bond with Freddie, an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin who arrived at Amble – a small fishing port on Northumberland’s coastline in 1987. They spent hours swimming together in its harbor waters.

Alan Cooper Dolphin
Alan Cooper

What Happened to Alan Cooper Dolphin

However, in 1990, several individuals led by Peter Bloom of Flamingo Land dolphinarium accused Alan Cooper of engaging in inappropriate behaviors with Freddie, the dolphin.

These allegations included witnessing him masturbating underwater which resulted in a formal complaint being lodged against Cooper with police.

This charge caused national outrage while he harmed his reputation as an animal protector. [Alan Cooper Dolphin]

Alan Cooper’s Friendship with Freddie

Cooper found himself facing legal issues as his friendship with Freddie was turned against him.

It led him into court proceedings which ultimately concluded without charges being laid at Crown court.

Nevertheless, these accusations caused lasting damage to both his reputation and life as an animal advocate.

alan cooper dolphin 4

Freddie the Dolphin Podcast – “Hooked on Freddie”

30 years on from their wild dolphin sex scandal involving Alan Cooper and Freddie back in podcast series named “Hooked On Freddie”.

This series is conducted by Wondery and Blanchard House, in front of the public eye with journalist Becky Milligan. She is acting as the host of that program.

Milligan conducted research with Freddie in 1990 as part of her university studies.

As host, she brings this debatable event back into focus with specific attention from police with the help of people who witnessed it.

alan cooper dolphin 3
Becky Milligan

Freddie the Dolphin in Amble

Cooper was accused of sexual misconduct at a small fishing port in Northumberland called Amble and legal proceedings began against him as a result.

Freddie played an essential role in how these events were revealed and legal proceedings ensued against him.

Conclusion: Alan Cooper Dolphin

Alan Cooper and Freddie the dolphin’s story can be discovered in “Hooked on Freddie” podcast series.

It shows unique friendship highlights both human rivalries as well as issues surrounding wild animal treatment and care.

You can access and listen first 2 episodes via Wondery as well as various podcast platforms.

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