Why Is It Called Irrawaddy Dolphin? Learn 10 Facts!

April 1, 2024, Produced By: Mr. Das

1. River Namesake: Derived from Irrawaddy River, where significant populations of these dolphins reside.

2. Historical Discovery: Scientifically described based on specimens obtained from Irrawaddy River.

3. Native Habitat: Indigenous to Southeast Asian water bodies, including rivers like Irrawaddy.

4. Cultural Significance: Symbolizes connection to Myanmar's natural heritage and cultural identity.

5. Traditional Knowledge: Local communities have long recognized and interacted with Irrawaddy dolphins.

6. Taxonomic Classification: Scientific name incorporates "Orcaella" for dolphins and "brevirostris" for short snout.

7. Geographical Distribution: Found not only in Irrawaddy River but also other Southeast Asian waters.

8. Conservation Focus: Highlights need for conservation efforts in Irrawaddy River and beyond.

9. Scientific Research: Facilitates research and conservation initiatives for these unique cetaceans.

10. Global Recognition: Internationally known name contributes to awareness and conservation efforts.

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