Senator Menendez's Bribery Scandal: 10 Key Revelations!

1. New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez faces new charges related to a bribery scheme.

2.  The charges include conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and acting as a foreign agent.

3. The charges come after a cooperating witness agreed to plead guilty.

4.  Menendez denies wrongdoing, accusing prosecutors of unfair targeting.

5. The scheme allegedly involved gifts and favors in exchange for political influence.

6. Menendez and his wife are accused of attempting to cover up the scheme.

7.  The indictment alleges Menendez knew of bribe payments, contradicting his claims.

8. Menendez stepped down as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee after initial charges.

9. He faces reelection this year but has not announced whether he will seek another term.

10. The case involves complex legal and political implications for Menendez and his political future.