Josh Brolin's SNL: Timothée Chalamet Poem and Ice Bath Stunt!

1. Josh Brolin's "SNL" monologue featured jokes about a "super creepy" poem about Timothée Chalamet.

2. Brolin read excerpts from his coffee table book, "Dune: Exposures," showcasing his humorous side.

3. He explained that he writes poems about everyone he works with, not just Chalamet.

4. Brolin humorously recited a poem about Kenan Thompson, his fellow "SNL" cast member.

5. The actor surprised the audience by stripping down to his underwear for an ice bath during the monologue.

6. Brolin compared the challenge of hosting "SNL" to enduring cold plunges, demonstrating his commitment to the sketch.

7. The comedic monologue set the tone for the episode, with Brolin's playful antics entertaining the audience throughout.

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