Jellyfish Stings: 10 Crucial Points That Could Save Your Life

1. Jellyfish stings occur when humans come into contact with jellyfish tentacles.

2. Jellyfish release venom through their stingers upon contact with skin.

3. Most jellyfish stings cause pain, redness, itching, and numbness.

4. Some jellyfish, like the box jellyfish, can cause severe reactions and even death.

5. Treatment often involves rinsing the affected area with vinegar to neutralize stingers.

6.  Avoid rinsing with fresh water, as it can activate more stingers.

7. Scraping off stingers with a credit card is no longer recommended.

8. Tweezers can be used to remove tentacles from the skin.

9. Hot showers or soaks may help alleviate pain from jellyfish stings.

10. Seek medical attention immediately for severe symptoms like difficulty breathing.

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