7 Major Differences Between Cyclones And Hurricanes

Mar 19, 2024, Produced By: Mr. Das

1. Cyclones form in Southern Pacific and Indian Oceans, while hurricanes emerge in North Atlantic and Pacific.

2. Hurricanes are categorized by Saffir-Simpson scale, showing wind speeds from 74 to over 155 mph.

3. Cyclones, measured by Beaufort and Saffir-Simpson scales, cause varying degrees of damage.

4. Pacific Ocean sees more cyclones, while hurricanes are common in the Caribbean Sea.

5. Cyclones occur 10-14 times annually, hurricanes happen about 10-15 times.

6.  Both storms bring rain, rotate counterclockwise in northern hemisphere, and clockwise in southern hemisphere.

7. Detection methods include Pulse-Doppler radar, photogrammetry, and ground swirl patterns for both cyclones and hurricanes.

This information is not ours opinion but obtained from media reports.

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